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Hey, my name's Steve. I'm a Game Designer currently working at flaregames.

This is my portfolio / blog / online presence, feel free to get in touch!

About Steve Hassenpflug About me

My name's Steve, I'm a junior game architect working at flaregames, a great game development studio in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Game development, especially game design is my passion: it gives me the chance to release my creativity on.

Before this, i've pursued my still loved profession as a certified IT specialist in systems integration.

My game design projects Current game design projects

Ocean Tower (iOS, Android) has been released worldwide! Download it for free here!

Call of Carlos (Windows Phone 7), the last project I've worked on, has currently over 500.000 downloads! Check it out here!

Before this, I've attended the "Game Design" course at the Games Academy in Frankfurt, Germany.

personal Personal matter(s)

In my spare time I'm either dissecting (vintage) video games or writing down my thoughts about game development and everything inbetween.

Besides, there's nothing like a whole weekend tinkering with a Gentoo stage 1 installation or tweaking my Vim setup on GitHub! (check it out here).

Latest work

Ocean Tower Ocean Tower

Ocean Tower

Eco Simulation – iOS, Android

Build gigantic self-sustaining habitats, using eco-technology wisely to energize buildings.

» Download for iOS! (iTunes)

» Download for Android! (Google Play)

Call of Carlos Call of Carlos

Call of Carlos

2D platformer – Windows Phone 7

Use your grappling hook to escape the lava and collect precious diamonds!

» Download for Windows Phone 7!

Breaking Bones Breaking Bones

Breaking Bones

2D platformer – Windows Phone 7

How high can you get before you break your bones? Breaking Bones was created in just 10 hours - from start to finish!

Kaos Mask Kao's Mask

Kao's Mask

3D Action Adventure – Windows PC

Take control of two diverse characters, shift through vastly different dimensions and more!

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More projects...

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...coming soon!