Angry Birds Epic (2014)

Angry Birds Epic – Unleash the Angry Birds flock in this free-to-play turn-based RPG, and join a community of more than 85 MILLION players around the world!

My Responsibilities

As a Senior Game Designer I helped in shaping various aspects of the game in live operations, mainly FTUE and monetization features to ensure key-metrics are consistently hit even three years after launching the title.

  • FTUE Overhaul: Restructured the first-time user experience by providing feedback based on KPIs and user-focus-tests.
  • Monetization Improvements: Modernized various aspects of IAPs, special offers and in-game shop designs.
  • Project Collaboration: Generally supported the project by sharing insights gained from Angry Birds Evolution via regular exchange of knowledge with other Designers.

About the Author

Hey, I’m Steve!

Written by Steve Haßenpflug, a seasoned game designer with a strong product & technical background. His focus is on creating engaging games for companies that want big results.

Steve has developed top-grossing AAA games for IPs beloved by players around the world (Angry Birds, Trolls) with international companies (NBC Universal, DreamWorks, Rovio) and helped bootstrap gaming startups in the early stages of seeding. He’s an expert in mobile free-to-play mechanics.

He also manages GameDevGems, a resource that aims to help game developers to get better at making games through gamedev concepts, tutorials and techniques and is a passion-project of him.