About Me


My name’s Steve, I’m a Game Designer working at Chimera Entertainment since 2015, a game development studio based in Munich, Germany. Chimera is part of the remote control productions family and is the largest development studio within the RCP developer network.

Before this I was a Game Designer at flaregames where I worked on many exciting video game projects since the beginning of 2012. flaregames was a great game development studio & publisher in located Karlsruhe, Germany back then.

Game development, especially game design is my passion: it gives me the chance to release my creativity on. I’m experienced in and personally love to focus on systems design but feel very comfortable in all the other aspects of game design. content-, gameplay-, balancing and level design to name a few other disciplines that I have experience in.

In my spare time I like to go on real-life treasure hunts called geocaching, unearthing caches wherever I can find some. When I’m not outside I like to dissect, analyze or write down my thoughts about video games, game development and everything in-between in my blog, which you can find here. I have a rather strong tech background and love to build small game prototypes or mod existing games. Check out my portfolio!

I’ve graduated as a Game Designer at the Games Academy in Frankfurt am Main, Germany back in 2012, which paved the way into the games industry.

Before all of this I’ve pursued my still loved profession as a certified IT specialist in systems integration, providing network & server solutions for multiple corporate customers ranging from midsize companies to multinational aerospace & defence corporations. Fast forward five years and one extra year soul-searching in Maastricht, Netherlands and I found my true calling by starting to study Game Design in 2011.