• Super Shotgun

Tribulation is a mod for the classic game Doom (and Doom II) and aims to add infinite replayability to the game.

It’s a so-called replacer mod, meaning it replaces almost every weapon with beefier alternates, while monsters have harder variants which are randomly selected each time the level is loaded. Tribulation works with vanilla Doom and regular levels, as well as all level packs (aka Mega WADs like Alien Vendetta, Hell Revealed, etc.) that don’t mess around with the standard content.


  • New, randomly selected monster spawners including rare spawns
    • Zombie Grunt variants: Plasma Gun Zombie, Quad-Shotgun Zombie
    • Imp variants: Soul Harvester, Stone Imp
    • Demon variant: Blood Fiend
    • Mancubus variant: Hectebus
  • New weapons fine-tuned for a immersive experience
    • Glock-18 with a burst-fire mode
    • Double-barrel shotgun with single and double fire modes
    • Vulcan-minigun that fires ultra fast, but has spin-up and down delays and recoil
  • Alternative fire modes for most weapons
  • New and more weapon sounds that pack a punch
    • Shotgun barrel cocking
  • A generally more “meaty” game feel
  • Eyecandy
    • Bullet and shell casings that eject from pistols and shotguns respectively
      • Bounce from walls
      • Fade out after some time
    • Weapon shot smoke
  • … and lots of small tweaks!

A modern source port like ZDoom, GZDoom or Zandronum is needed to play this mod.

Most sprites are from the Realm667 Beastiary or from the Doomworld forums, credit is given where it’s due. Check the CREDITS file for more information on their outstanding asset work.