April 2015


Linux, Mac, PC


Game Modification

  • Degrade conditions on various items

Realism Expert Overhaul (REO) – A NEO Scavenger mod.

This mod aims to make Neo Scavenger harder and more fun not necessarily more realistic, especially around the late- and endgame. You could call it the missing “Hardcore mode”.

I’m currently working on the rebalancing of item degradation values, with a focus on clothing/wearables and essential survival items.

Why this mod?

TL;DR: Neo Scavenger is too easy and becomes Neo Sedentary in the late-game.

Neo Scavenger is a great game, one of the best this year. With REO I want to make it even better and increase it’s longterm replay value.

While the early-game of Neo Scavenger is nicely balanced, it tends to get too easy too quickly later in the game. A lot of the items are actually too realistic, some last for weeks or months. Especially so when certain ability combinations are selected and after DMC Sprawl/inner DMC is accessible. At this point (with a few essential items) indefinite survival is almost a given; without too much struggle even.

Sure, most random encounters are designed to kill you, but once all the mechanics and systems are known, the thrill is gone very quickly.