Hero’s Haul (2015)


Hero’s Haul is a free-to-play mobile 3D roguelike.

Unlock the mysteries of the core in Hero’s Haul, a turn-based dungeon crawler where you must explore a dangerous subterranean world filled with monsters and competing adventurers in your quest to satisfy your lust for epic loot.

Plunge into the monster-filled subterranean depths of Crawlers, a rogue-like dungeon crawler built specifically for mobile devices.

Deep below the planet’s surface, the mysterious and unstable core is continually erupting, transforming the underground realm into an infinite tangle of dungeons and caverns crammed with everything a loot-thirsty adventurer could hope to discover.

As you venture deeper on your journey towards the core, you will chance upon ever rarer, more powerful weapons and an increasingly menacing legion of hair-raising monsters hell bent on stopping you. Turn-based battles make every encounter a tense, tactical test of your skill and bravery. Only by crafting the perfect collection of weapons and mastering a cluster of magical abilities, will you stand a chance of escaping any dungeon with a mighty haul.

An adventure so steeped in mystery and countless riches is bound to attract hordes of intrepid explorers. Whether you choose to be a lone sword swinger in the darkness or a member of a guild of dungeon destroyers, be prepared to do battle with the world’s most cunning and determined fortune hunters, all competing to have the most epic collection of loot that the core has to offer.

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