Rascals & Railways (TBD)

Rascals & Railways is a grid-based dungeon crawler with turn-based combat (via random encounters) which take place inside a vast underground urban dungeon.

  • Party-based: Up to six characters in a party.
  • Class-based: Characters have clear roles (which are malleable to an extend).
  • Grid-based Exploration: Inside the dungeon the player moves in cardinal directions on a grid (tiles).
  • Random Encounters: There’s a random chance of encountering enemies each turn/move. Some are fixed (happen on specific tiles), like (mini-)bosses and gatekeeper fights.
  • Turn-based Combat: Combat is menu- and turn-based.

It’s akin to the old Wizardry series – and specifically NOT real-time blobbers (e.g. Dungeon Master or Legend of Grimrock) – It’s also taking some cues from more modern Japanese installments, e.g. Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls, Etrian Odyssey series (2007-Present) and a few more.


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